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GIDM: Immersive Roleplay

The PPRS is an MMORPG guild comprised of a group of serious, old fashioned, pen and paper style roleplay gamers. We have a very specific philosophy that eschews 'god modding', 'plotting', and 'leveling' for levels' sake.  Instead, we play to immerse ourselves in the game world and our characters' lives within it.  We believe that the journey is the reward and that this is a game, not a job.

 We also have lives and limited time to play. Therefor, we schedule specific play times like a pen and paper game when we can meet up.
For more information, see the Information links on the left of this page

Note: New applicants, please fill out a guild application, and then describe your first character here

IMPORTANT: You MUST do a character bio to advance beyond Associate status.  Associate memberships are only for the purpose of filling out a character bio.  Any Associate mebership that does not advance to full membership within 30 days will be canceled.     

Party Schedule
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Server Information
Both Empire and Republic will now be hosted on Ebon Hawk.
Our in-game Guild Name is PPRS Immersive Roleplay

Guild members only:
For guild invite on Lord Adraas, /tell to 
Sahra, Tectoss or Jeryth
For guild invite on Rubat Crystal /tell to
El'Etur, Takri or Umbranox 

Guild News

Secret World 3-day free trial offer

CyberQat, Sep 3, 12 8:24 PM.
See the official web page here to try this very unique MMORPG:

24 hour secret world buddy keys available

CyberQat, Jul 16, 12 8:19 PM.
If anyone would like to try The Secret World, drop me a request wioth your email and I'll send you a key for a free 24 hr trial.

Guild moving

CyberQat, Jun 19, 12 7:39 PM.
We are consolidating both Republic and Empire on Ebon Hawk.

You can move your charcters through your MyAccount page on the web.

First Secret World Beta Weekend this Weekend

CyberQat, May 7, 12 12:39 PM.
See ya there

The Secret World Pre-orders Begin

CyberQat, Apr 5, 12 3:38 PM.
So-and-so has logged on!